Group 4

Hinge • Redefining Romance



Meaningful relationships have never been higher up on the agenda — the pandemic has brought into sharp focus what is important to us as human beings. But are notions of love, dating and relationships outdated?— do they reflect the cultural shifts the new generation are propelling across society, politics and identity? In February 2022, we collaborated with the dating-app Hinge to unlock and define Gen Z's attitudes towards love, dating, and sexuality with the overall ambition to future-proof for this new generation of dating-app users in North America. The Digital Fairy was tasked with creating a unique set of actionable insights and a set of consumer personas that exemplified the inclusive, progressive direction Hinge wanted to take. 



We started by conducting qualitative research with our Fairy Family in North America to understand how Hinge can keep up with Gen Z — from the culture they consume to the chemistry they are looking for. From dating for content to couple goals, sobriety to fluidity, we identified the critical shifts about the consumer that would allow Hinge to ensure they are connecting to this generation. We created five consumer personas reflective of the wider research group to act as a blueprint for the brand. We also delivered a set of actionable takeouts regarding their brand positioning and tagline, marketing and product functionality, working into the strategy, product and creative teams to understand their needs. We also tested our insights on The Digital Fairy's TikTok to create a unique virtuous circle of research, insight and action.



Redefining Romance: Gen Z have come of age and are swiping for love in its many new forms. 


It’s official: Gen Z have come of age an are swiping for love in its many new forms. But while they are searching for meaningful connections, the notions of identity and relationships they see on dating apps don’t always reflect the way they see themselves, or what they actually want. We unpacked how Hinge can keep up with and align to Gen Z — from the culture they consume to the chemistry they’re looking for.


We created a unique design identity for the report, rooted in the overarching report concept, around 'Reimagining Romance' as well as bringing Hinge's DNA to life. We also created a short sizzle film to bring to life what we found out using our day in the life of videos briefed into research participants. With a design identity in place, there is potential to create further creative executions from this partnership.


Our casting strategy involved identifying Gen Z Voices who are progressively minded, predominantly in New York, Los Angeles, and some satellite cities. We worked collaboratively with Hinge to identify essential diversity requirements around gender, sexuality, race and body size. We did this to ensure our cast of participants reflected the fluid way Gen Z sees themselves and break the cis-gendered, hetronomative culture that dominates dating culture.