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Come and be a Digi Fairy

The Digital Fairy employ talented innovators and visionaries who want work with brands disrupting the creative industries ✨ 

Nice things fairies have said about working with us :)


Digital Marketing Manager




Content Creator


Digital Designer


Creative Director


Digital Marketing Manager

Opportunity to thrive

'I loved my time at Digi Fairy! It’s a welcoming and energetic agency, that is world wide web famous for creating campaigns and ideas that feel light years ahead of competitors. The team is super diverse and leadership are supportive and encourage you to take ownership and initiative. Would 100% recommend joining Digi Fairy if you want the opportunity to thrive at a small agency and you enjoy working creatively and collaboratively.'



Learning Many Other Skills

‘Working at The Digital Fairy allowed me to come in as a graduate, work as an assistant and progress to junior designer in just over a year. Within this time I was given the space to learn animation from scratch alongside working on client projects, and learning many other skills key to my career development over this time.’


Content Creator

Everyone is so welcoming

‘Working with a house full of talented fairies has been an incredible experience. A diverse team where you are encouraged to be you and supported to develop to be the best version of you. It has been a privilege to be given the opportunity to work through a broad range of clients and projects. The warm and hardworking Digi team has always shown me the possibility to turn any client brief into magical, fresh, innovative, and eye-catching outcomes. Everyone is so welcoming and happy to help; in fact, I have learned different skills through asking other fairies as well as the regular training provided. I would not be where I am at today without the positive and encouraging work culture at The Digital Fairy. Thank you & love you so much Digi xxx’



Digital Designer

We’re always heard

'Digi by far is the most forward and inclusive workplace I’ve ever worked at. Everybody from different culture and background plays an important role in the company and we’re always heard. Being part of the team at Digi really elevated the expectation and standard of what diversity in the creative industry really means. This agency culture and mindset was also reflected in the work we produced collectively.


At Digi, we were also encouraged to think of our own creative and career development, and they would help whenever there’s an opportunity. It’s amazing to see how everyone gradually evolved into a hybrid creative - whether from a producer, digital marketing manager or designer.'


Creative Director

Proud to have been a fairy!

'Digi gives you the opportunity to work under a fantastic brand with an incredible creative reputation and produce work for some of the best clients in the biz.


The environment is fast paced and energetic, and the team are supportive and close knit. The company supports your individual career goals and often builds roles around employee talent and interests.


I enjoyed a five year career at Digi with continual progression and development and constantly evolving briefs and responsibilities which is testament to the work environment. I have produced so much work that I am proud of whilst there, and will continue to be proud to have been a fairy!'


We put some answers to some commonly asked questions :) if you have any further questions feel free to get in touch with us 

How do I apply to work with you?

At the top of this very page, we list our available job roles, just click on the most suitable sounding role and apply if you think you fit the spec :) 

What is the recruitment process?

We typically hold screening calls with our hiring manager, we then conduct 30m informal chats with some key team members to find out more about you/tell you more about us. We then shortlist candidates to take through to a more formal interview (nothing scary just dig a bit more into your experience and strengths). We will then shortlist successful candidate to take to the final round. Depending on the role we might set a task (under mutual NDA so ideas are protected) in order to discover the right candidate for the job. 

We also welcome the opportunity for you to meet some of the team you might be working with, if this isn't offered throughout the process just feel free to ask. 

What is the application deadline?

We tend to look to fill all of our roles with a 4-8-week lead time, we want to hear from strong candidates ASAP always but understand that a good application can take a while to put together, you could always express interest and tell us when you can follow up with the rest of the information. Always feel free to get in touch and ask. 

What should I include in my application?

We have specified this on the respective job spec, but we'd love to hear why you'd be the perfect fit for the role, we'd also like to see your CV and portfolio of relevant work. Don't worry about attaching a separate cover letter just add your application in the body of the email :) 

Are there training opportunities?

Yes, we have a collective training budget and welcome/encourage all team members to seek training and up-skilling if relevant to their development plan and ambitions 

What is your WFH policy?

Out of lockdown we operate a hybrid WFH/office policy, 3 days in the office (in London Fields) and 2 days from home. We value in person communication and believe it benefits individual and collective development, as well as it creating a better a social culture. We are of course always open to discussing accommodations when this isn't possible, particularly for those who might otherwise struggle to travel to the office due to illness, disability, caring responsibilities or pregnancy. 

What makes a good fairy?

The fundamentals for us is a self-starter attitude you are ambitious and invested in your own development, you want responsibility and ownership. Agency experience is often preferred to be familiar with workflows and clients. We need candidates with a strong grasp on youth and digital culture, and a great perspective on the world.

We need agile workers, people who are proactive not passive, people who work smart and are results-driven. Successful fairies always rewarded with progression opportunities and we make accommodations that fit with outside interests and ambitions. 

What will my development plan look like?

We are huge believers in nurturing talent and creating progression opportunities internally, we do this through a bespoke career development plan that outlines key focus areas over a 12-month period. We also hold yearly appraisals, 6-month check ins and ensure we have input from the employee on their own goals and ambitions, as well as business goals. 

I want to work with you but there isn't a suitable job listing

We appreciate prospective applications; just be very clear on what role you want and what you think you can do for The Digital Fairy. We check the inbox regularly and often file strong applications for future reference, if it's a role we're planning for in the background we might meet prospective applicants. 

What is your working culture like?

The team are all very driven and passionate, we move quick and have to work smart. Everyone can pitch in with creative ideas regardless of level and role! It’s important to us that everyone feels that they have a voice. 

The work environment is self-starting and fairly entrepreneurial, with a bit of a DIY spirit. There is a focus on performance and constantly taking learnings forward. 

We understand agency culture is A LOT at times, we are continually trying to protect the mental health of our staff with streamlined communication, contact time, weekly 121s, no meeting Fridays and a slack ban after 7pm. 

How many people work at The Digital Fairy?

Around 20-30 fairies :) 

Is your team female only?

No, whilst females are centred in a lot of our work and audiences, we are gender neutral and encourage applications from all candidates 

I applied but haven't heard back :(

We aim to get back to everyone, so we're so sorry you've not heard back. It might be on its way or perhaps because we have been overwhelmed with applicants and we have not had the time to respond. You could always try and chase us? 

Please know we appreciate your interest in working at The Digital Fairy and should this application not work out, we wish you the best of luck in your search <3 

Do you work with freelancers?

We do - to express interest in freelance roles please subscribe to this database or send an email to :) 

I am based outside of the UK

Unless our role specifies otherwise all applicants should be UK and preferably London-based 

I don't tick all of the boxes on the spec

That is okay, it might be worth a try! Just say if you feel like you can add real value to the role despite having all of the relevant experience, we consider all applications. 

Do you allow pets?

Yes, we do, we love pets, we just require them to be well behaved. We operate a pet rota to ensure we don't have too many in at one time. This is subject to change based on any allergies of office workers. 

Where are you based?

East London, London Fields :) it's a gorgeous area with so many nice food/drink spots - perfect for the summer 

Your role is full-time but I can only work part-time

It might be negotiable, and we make specific accommodations to dependents, please just specify clearly that you would only be able to work on a part-time basis and be clear on your proposed working pattern (days/hours)