Group 4

A night out in London’s nu-spiritual rave scene

We spent a night out at GR1N to experience Gen Z’s merging of tech and spirituality through raving


Gen Z are finding ways to reconnect with their spirituality through various outlets including music and technology 💻🎵💆‍♀️. This new wave is often described as ‘nu-spiritualism’ and the youth embracing this new wave, whether through real life practice or simply for the aesthetics and vibes, can be spotted at GR1N.

GR1N’s monthly rave night dabbles in themes such as the occult, religion, rituals, brainwashing and even surveillance (Michel Foucault’s Panopticism anyone? 👁👀). It’s also where you’ll find London’s club kids, and one person in particular called Evra — a computation artist and techno-spiritualist — can often be found on stage at GR1N performing.

Evra describes technology as a tool which one can use to aid them in their spiritual journey and when we spent a few days with Evra, we learnt more about their spiritual beliefs, their overall worldview, and got to document their process of gearing up for a night out at GR1N — from making an outfit from scratch, to being fully immersed in the raves technoscapes. Check it out!