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Dear Digi 001: Rat Girl Summer

Rukiat shares her thoughts on this summer's bucket list trend


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On this pilot episode, our Editorial & Social Exec Rukiat shares her thoughts on Rat Girl Summer, a term coined by creator Lola Okola, which went viral on TikTok.

Rat Girl Summer as Lola puts it refers to women actively going outside, eating their snacks and showing up in random places – with only two days indoors allowed per week. She also lists four rules for Rat Girl Summer: 1. going outside, 2. eating and ENJOYING eating, 3. killing the cringe and 4. NO OVERTHINKING.

It's a fun, bucket list approach to summer 2023 but one that is not filled with societal pressure such as dieting, going on crazy expensive holidays or glowing up – any girl can do it and that's what makes it aspirational!