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The Discourse: Bold Glamour provides a peek into hyperreality

A look at the yassifying filter freaking out the internet


This week in The Discourse, TikTok’s ‘Bold Glamour’ filter sent the internet into a frenzy for its yassifying effects – creating the look of a flawless glam face of makeup x a heavy dose of Facetune. Whilst Bold Glamour is just one of TikTok’s many beautifying face filters, it’s distinctive due to how realistic it appears. It’s even glitch-proof when you swipe your hands over your face or make the kind of exaggerated expressions that usually trip filters up – almost like an algorithmic version of waterproof mascara.

The filter has been met with mixed opinions since gaining popularity, with some enjoying the ability it gives them to alter their appearance in a new way, while others have expressed hesitation around the introduction of hyperrealistic beauty filters and encourage their audiences to embrace their natural look. Digi’s very own @iamrukiat offered insight into the effects of such filters on our digital identities in her latest TikTok: comparing the rise of indistinguishable digital enhancements to philosopher Baudrillard’s theory of hyperreality, in which what is real and what is fake blur together, well, flawlessly. Baudrillard baddie!

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