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The Gen Z-ification of SKIMS

The brand’s latest viral campaign is… viral-themed


Thumbnail and banner: Vanessa Beecroft for SKIMS

This week, SKIMS is set to release a new collection fronted by born-after-1996 music stars Ice Spice, Nessa Barrett, Pink Pantheress and RAYE — officially hard launching the brand’s Gen Z era. At this point, SKIMS’ brand identity is built on its viral campaign images that tap into whatever cultural moments currently on everyone’s minds — including Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian getting cozy during the peak of their double couple goals days, The White Lotus scheme-queens Mia and Lucia hot on the heels of their season 2 star status, and a crew of ex-Victoria’s Secret Angels right as VS was being re-examined and rebranded.

So, it was only a matter of time until SKIMS zeroed in on the cultural moment of viral TikTok music and the (Gen Z) women who have become famous for making it. And the roster was clearly carefully selected, each artist in the campaign has soundtracked thousands upon thousands of TikToks — they are the most viral and sensational of all of the app’s viral sensations. The viral connection is one SKIMS is keen to point out — after all, its products are constantly getting big on TikTok, selling out, and generating wait lists. Nearly all of the Instagram posts promoting the collection refer to this shared virality between the shapewear and its TikTok-topping wearer — a shot of Nessa wearing her SKIMS is captioned “Brand new and bound to go viral, like @nessabarrett”, while a campaign carousel reads, “The next generation of our shapewear that won everyone over, worn by the artists everyone’s streaming”. 

The connection between streaming and shapewear seems particularly potent — a viral song is foundational to a viral TikTok the same way, at least in the SKIMS world, shapewear is foundational to an outfit you want to share photos of on social media. So, what’s next? More Gen Z stars, of course, and more collaborations that place SKIMS firmly in the category of not just viral, but viral for a reason — all of the talent tapped are considered true talents, beloved far beyond their ability to hold attention on TikTok.