Group 4

On Running • Pantheress



On Running came to us to create a concept for the release of The Pantheress Limited Edition range, and bring it to life through a digital stills campaign. We were tasked to create a visual narrative around the story of a pantheress named Suma who escaped Zürich Zoo in 1984, a space where the environment was not consistent with the biology of the inhabitant, this led her to run free through the Swiss countryside for months…


We knew younger generations have inherited a habitat consumed by a pandemic, economic downturns, and never-ending social injustices; this is why Gen Z choose fitness, why they run when things are bad, dance when things get dull or lift weights when it seems like they’re carrying the world on their shoulders. Just like Suma, we know our audience sees running as a form of motivation for a better life, one that makes them feel not just alive, but primal. 


When escaping their reality, Gen Z puts their finest foot forward but they require the tools for peak performance that adapts to their needs and ensures they look good doing it… whatever it is they’re doing.

We created a  story that follows our talent as they flock together in the wild, all while being lashed with 3d digitally rendered rain, fog, wind and glistening winter sun, harnessing the products benefits all while embracing the elements, no matter what. Following the resilient group of friends, who were carefully casted by our in-house networks team, we capture them as they bolt from their urban surroundings and run free. They flock as a group as the winter sun becomes dusk, toxic skies glow as a storm approaches. Ominous light, looming clouds and strong winds won’t dull their spirits as they embrace their changing world together. A hint to changing environments, gen-z escapism and resilience in unpredictable conditions.