Group 4

Topicals • UK Launch



After the iconic branding and identity project that we did together (click here for case study), Cult US skincare brand Topicals came to us to launch them into the UK market. There has been an overwhelming demand for Topicals in the UK beauty community, so there was pre-existing hype and it was our job to build the anticipation and ensure cultural relevance through local market nuance. We were briefed to create relevant launch ideas that land the Funner Flare Ups brand positioning, building awareness and generate buzz around this launch. 


We're in the process of delivering a UK launch campaign and social strategy with the overarching concept of big bestie energy. We introduced our UK family to Topicals - a mashup of familiar faces from London’s beauty scene, underground collectives, plus IRL besties - pairing up both behind and in front of the camera. We then held an icons-only intimate dinner, with party bags filled with party favours from Gen-z founded brands. A BTS crew with authentic friendship links added continuity to the creative concept. Like the most active in the group chat, our OOH acts as a campaign hype gal, putting eye-catching and informally copy written fly posters in key areas for max impact. 




Like the long-awaited hang-out of online besties, Topicals is making friends with London, IRL.


Like the long awaited hang-out of online besties, Topicals made friends with London, IRL. Like a friendship built on matched energy, collab playlists and deep texts, this group talks fits and feelings on the bus to the nail shop. They’ll get you AND they’ll take cute pix of you. A collective will form, bonding creative and beauty talent, blending the best bits of London’s boroughs and welcoming collaborators from across the city to be part of the group. 


We invited soul sisters, cross-borough besties, and body posi hotties from across the capital to be the faces of the launch. The campaign spotlighted exciting talent who represent the Topicals vibe - closely aligned to conversations around mental health and skin neutrality, and integrated in London’s unique fashion and culture scene. The talent were the faces of the campaign, each bringing their own unique experiences and attitudes to the shoot. Through the intimate dinner, we helped connect Topicals to icons of the UK beauty community and creative collectives from across London.