Group 4

Lil Miquela • Club 404



Viral sensation and virtual influencer @lilmiquela - and her team, transhumanist narrative studio BRUD - tapped our internet expertise to create Miquela's own brand, named Club 404 after the browser error message. Club 404 had to sit separately as a holistic brand but be symbiotic with Lil Miquela & her interests/aesthetic. It was made for an intergenerational youth-adult customer united by an interest in creative innovation within the digital space.  


We explored strategic and creative territories together, pulling inspiration from techno-dystopian science fiction, transhumanism, tribal script, and slick imagined futures. We delivered a complete brand, from strategy, concept and brand identity through to website and community amplification. 


‘Club 404 is my baby and something I’ve been working on for a really long time. It was important for me to collaborate with a creative, female-driven agency on Club 404 and I’m grateful for all the work The Digi Fairy did to make it a reality. I’m excited to see everyone wearing my designs!’ 


Our branding was designed to be elevated but accessible. We combined elements of tribal-inspired script to imply community and digital social cliques with the sophisticated spatial minimalism of slick members’ only hotel interiors and the sleek lines of spaceships drawn from sci-fi classics. The 3D bevelling and retrofuturistic countdown clock look both simultaneously backwards to a pre-digital past whilst hinting at a hypercorporate techno-utopia to come. 


Unlike traditional members clubs that thrive off exclusivity, with CLUB 404; everyone’s invited. Echoing Miquela’s own personal values of inclusivity and championing of marginalised members of society, her digital club is a symbolic vision of the project of a democratised internet. 

'Club 404 was created in collaboration with Brud, the storytelling studio behind Lil Miquela, with candy-coloured, sci-fi-inspired branding by female-run digital studio The Digital Fairy. The club – named after the internet error code 404 to ‘symbolise a new wave of digital disruption’ – counters the traditionally exclusive nature of members’ clubs by instead operating as an inclusive digital community.'