Group 4

Spotify • Class of Misfits



Spotify approached us to collaborate on their first digital campaign strategy and activation for Misfits 2.0 playlist. The brief was to increase the daily active users and followers. Misfits 2.0 is a cultural and fandom led alternative playlist infused with a spectrum of genres such as punk, hyperpop, metal and hip-hop, so with this in mind we were required to reach an eclectic group of Gen-Z on social media through relevant talent and engaging content, while featuring artists on the playlist. These ‘misfits’ would not only drive awareness for the playlist but also drive traffic to the Spotify app.


Seeing as ‘misfits’ are no longer on the fringes, their influence reverberates through culture via fashion, music and beauty. Our task was to connect to this new cohort of people where they are and tap into their mindset. This involved researching niche subcultures and their behaviours around trends online. Using our research we then created the ‘Class of Misfits’ creative platform, within it we had two campaigns - #classofmisfits - our TikTok-first campaign starring singer and rapper Ashnikko, followed by #DetentionWith our Instagram Live series led by playlist regulars, Nova Twins. 


Misfits are no longer on the fringes, their influence reverberates through culture via fashion, music and beauty. Our task was to connect to this new cohort of misfits where they are and tap into their mindset…


So much of today’s social media lexicon is about a ‘vibe’ check, a state of mind, expressing our emotions via memes, text, sound and video. Using this concept we’ll unwrap the vibe of the ‘misunderstood misfit’ and communicate that it is a state of mind that anyone can relate to and belong to, encompassing the many tribes and subcultures within it. We wanted to spotlight a few Misfit 2.0 artists throughout to lead and amplify the conversations. We also recognised that being perceived as a misfit can be exhausting, and w wanted to take this opportunity to identify the Misfits 2.0 fandom as a safe space for anyone to discover and feel like a part of a growing community.


Aesthetics and transformation core parts of the alternative scene, and we know Gen-Z use TikTok to express their ever-evolving identities. We amplified the Misfit Universe by creating a #classofmisfits trend, where anyone with an interest in the aesthetics of the culture could participate. We collaborated with Misfits icon Ashniko to invite their 4 million followers to duet. We created a new audio which blended the different artists/genres together to show a diverse representation of the playlist. Ashnikko acted as the head teacher finding their students for her #classofmisfits, instructing them to show their different misfit identities. We worked with several creators to amplify this content and bring to life Ashnikko’s classroom.


Gen  Z are rallying around ideas like “empathy is punk” to reinforce inclusive and compassionate alt ethos. There is a greater emphasis on online safe spaces as brands see digital wellness as a responsibility. We wanted to provide an opportunity for connection and amplify the beauty and nuance within misfits culture. We proposed and created an Instagram Live series called #DetentionWith hosted by artists Nova Twins, there were three interviews with Cassyette (on feminine rage), Yungblud (on Standing Out) and Jazmin Bean (on Nu Beauty and No Genres). The result of this really felt like natural and fruitful conversations between friends rather than inauthentic interviews. 

We achieved over 4.5m views on #ClassofMisfits with over 10,000 engaged viewers across all #DetentionWith live sessions