Group 4

adidas • I'm Possible



For SS22, we collaborated with adidas for our most significant project together yet — a global social campaign aimed at Gen Z women. adidas wanted us to help it gain credibility with Gen Z women to reinforce its brand messaging and new I’mpossible is Nothing’ brand attitude. 

adidas wanted us to deliver a holistic global social strategy, inclusive of creative concepts and executions to drive brand engagement across adidas global social channels. To win with Gen Z, the rollout needed to be socially-native and supported by authentic talent partnerships.


We created a strategy to drive brand engagement with this group across a multi-layered campaign, executed across its channels — including the priority platform, TikTok using talent partners supported by authentic partnerships across 12 key cities.  

Through conducting primary research and social listening, we identified the opportunity for adidas to become an authentic ally to Gen Z women by using its platforms to confront the systemic challenges she faces by centering her unique perspectives on sport. Our creator-led campaign that placed individual Gen Z women’s voices and experiences front and centre. A collective celebration demonstrating how she breaks barriers every day.


#IMPOSSIBLE - a global call to action for those who’ve made the impossible possible. A mantra for all women to do the impossible through sport that reverberates through culture. 


On adidas TikTok, we launched an original news format hosted by three authentic female sports-focused creators. We drove the conversation about women in sport with a multi-part TikTok challenge concept which encouraged women to share their sporting achievements regardless of their sporting level. On Instagram, we produced a series of UGC-style reels spotlighting women crushing their barriers to sports participation, alongside a hero film for adidas' global channel, celebrating all the small moments that contribute to our victories across a 24 hour period. We soundtracked the campaign with a bespoke dance track that encapsulated our audience’s fearless energy. 


Our social casting strategy involved identifying diverse Creators with a passion for movement, from figure skater Angie Miklos, footballer Qhourinisa and basketball player Jasmine Breon — who exemplified the adidas brand attitude and set a new standard for inclusivity. We worked collaboratively with 20 campaign talent, including ALT talent  to share their unique perspectives on sport and ensure we told their stories truthfully and authentically. Our final cast of talent partners included a whole range of women, all chosen to represent how we understand Gen Z women today - bold, impatient, supportive and fearless women advocating for change.


Our campaign, which included multiple streams of content, executed across adidas global and women’s platforms, as well as partner channels, delivered 5.98 million engagements across the duration of the campaign, with an average engagement rate of 57.27% across all content. Our social campaign shifted the perception of adidas for Gen Z women globally on social, providing a platform for women breaking down barriers and driving gender equity in sports culture.